The Crossing Arts Alliance is conveniently located in Downtown Brainerd - 
711 Laurel St, Brainerd, MN 56401

Crossing Office, Gift Shop, and Gallery

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The Crossing Arts Alliance has moved!

We have outgrown our current location at the Franklin Arts Center and have moved to a newly renovated space at 711 Laurel Street in downtown Brainerd.

We're excited about this new page in TCAA history that will allow us to serve more of our community members, make new partnerships, and help the arts THRIVE in our community.

Our new location provides more space for our Gift Shop and Gallery, giving us more flexibility for displaying the beautiful work of our members and community. It also features a space that will be ideal for workshops, which will allow us to offer more arts education opportunities. Close proximity to community partners will bring exciting new opportunities, and the potential of being involved in the revitalization of downtown, in addition to expanding the footprint of the arts in our region and to the heart of historic downtown Brainerd.

While we will miss our friends at the Franklin Arts Center, they can be sure we will continue to support their arts efforts from our new location.

Big thanks to board members Pat Altrichter, John Raboin, Jill Neumann, and Brenda Pfeffer and volunteers Carolyn Abbott and Lonnie Knutson, as well as Director Lisa Jordan for painting the front room of the new space!

We chose to repaint, although the space had been recently painted, in order to control the hue cast on the artwork we will have on display. We think it turned out great and are eager to fill the space with beautiful artworks. 
  • Why are you leaving the Franklin? Don't you run the building?

Good question. Our relationship with the building is commonly misunderstood. In the early history of the Franklin Arts Center (FAC), TCAA did play a role in managing the building. We have not been in that relationship for a number of years, however. We are a simply an active tenant of the building. 

  • Is the new space bigger?
Yes. The overall square footage of our new location is larger, and because it features an open floor plan, we will be able to use the space in a more flexible way. The larger, dedicated workshop/classroom space in the back will allow us to offer more workshops, classes, and arts get-togethers on a regular basis.

  • What about parking? 
We considered many factors about our move and parking was one concern that many shared. In looking at available spaces, we did identify public lots in several areas, albeit a short walk from our building.
  • When will this change take place?

We will begin some planned improvements to the space on July 1 and plan to open in early September. We will continue to hold our July - August programming in our location at the FAC - including our Second Saturdays and 'Conversations with Cloth 2' exhibit - and will host September's activities in the new space at 711 Laurel. 

  • What improvements do you have planned?

We will be updating the gallery walls, doing some painting, and installing gallery lighting. In the near future, an ADA-compliant bathroom is scheduled to be built on the first floor.

  • What about the cost? How will you pay for this move?

Our monthly rental costs will be slightly higher than at the FAC. We will also have the immediate expense of those planned improvements to recoup. Currently we receive the bulk of our funding from charitable gaming, memberships, Five Wings Arts Council grants, sponsorships, programming, and fundraising. We intend to expand our sponsorship opportunities (which have already been  warmly received) and programming. We believe that the expanded visibility this space offers us will bring new members to the organization. We will also be dependent upon the generosity of our volunteers and supporters as we transition.
  • How can I help?

Consider renewing your membership, you won't want to miss all of the new, exciting things that are about to happen.

We will be posting a wish list of needed items, perhaps you have something on that list?

Have a strong back? Or a truck and trailer? Love to paint walls or pack? Help us spread the word about our new chapter? Volunteers make all the difference and we'd be grateful for the help.

Want to get your name on a top-notch art event? Sponsorship opportunities will be announced soon.

Want to help fund the moving and tuning of the piano? The addition of a work sink in the classroom? The gallery lighting? If you are able to make a donation to support these efforts, or others, we'd love to put your name on these. Contact Lisa for more information at
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The Crossing Arts Alliance is conveniently located in Downtown Brainerd - 
711 Laurel St, Brainerd, MN 56401